John Wessinger



2017 Award Winner – Sales and Marketing Category

John Wessinger, Author of RIDE THE WAVE


How did you know you wanted to be an author?

I didn’t know! I stumbled upon the idea of being an author through a neighbor who had written several books. At the time, I had a workshop presentation that I had put together for my marketing and sales consulting business. It was non-branded and included a lot of story and these great moments where I faced personal and professional challenges as well as how I overcame them. My neighbor thought the workshop would make for a good book, so I took his advice and started writing.

What is your advice for aspiring authors?

Pick something you would like to write about and really focus on your chapter framework upfront. Although I’m a first-time author and this was my first experience writing a book, I’m very organized and detailed. What really helped me throughout the process was having an outline of the book and having the chapters very organized so that I knew right away (when I would sit-sitdown to write) what each chapter or section would be about. It kept me focused and it was easy for me to work through the process once I had the book’s framework in place.

Do you have any writing rituals or practices?

None! I’m hoping to develop some as I continue to write more books. But what helped me turn out pages was locking myself in my office and keeping distractions to a minimum, but also using music to propel me throughout the day. I would give myself what I called “brain-breaks” and would use heavy music to clear my head, but also give me some energy when I started to feel fatigued. It’s amazing what some loud guitars and drums can do to your mental abilities, but I also got to the point where I could write with headphones on and have the music playing in the background. It made it fun to write and when I needed a burst of inspiration, I would just switch up the music and let it drive me forward.

What message to you want readers to remember?

I want readers of RIDE THE WAVE to feel inspired about their personal and professional lives, but also see new challenges and obstacles as a way to change who they are and what they do. I think we have all felt “wiped out” by some sort of unforeseen or unplanned challenge. And even when we do feel prepared and equipped for difficult situations, there is still a chance that something could happen that you did not anticipate or plan for. The book is really about using a surfer’s mindset to think about new challenges as opportunities for success, not as risks to be avoided. When we avoid risk, and start to have aversions to things that are new, we get boxed-in and don’t evolve. It’s frustrating, demoralizing and can prevent us from becoming the people we need to and should become. The message to readers is get out there, be more like the surfer and ride the wave.

How can fans get in contact with you?

The best way to contact me is by email. I’m an email person. Just shoot me note about the book, a question you have and also any feedback or suggestions about how I can make the book better. I plan to do a 2nd edition and would love to hear from readers who connected with the business concepts, the surf principles or their own personal examples of how they used the book to ride the wave in their personal or professional lives. Email me at:





Author Name: John Wessinger

Book Title: RIDE THE WAVE: How To Embrace Change And Create A Powerful New Relationship With Risk


We are in an era in which technology and information-sharing platforms have given buyers and consumers more information about products and services than ever before. There is a new power dynamic between companies and customers in which buyers no longer need organizations to help them make a purchase decision. As the competitive landscape continues to change, business leaders will need a new process for overcoming challenges and a new mindset to find success.


Author John Wessinger believes that organizations must learn to embrace the conditions (quickly evaluate changing markets), adopt a progression-based mindset (continually build new skills) and use risk as a compass (willingly explore risk-driven strategies) to thrive in these new conditions. Business leaders must be more like surfers and approach marketing and selling the same way surfers approach riding waves: by using a set of principles to overcome new challenges and leveraging the natural momentum within changing markets to break through the status quo.


This book is for business leaders, organizational teams and anyone looking for a process to overcome a new personal or professional challenge. Ride the Wave provides the reader with a tactical roadmap of how successful organizations have used the principles to overcome disruptive market challenges, build new skills and find success in the face of extreme professional risk. This book will help you embrace the changes we are all experiencing and create a powerful new relationship with risk by exploring it head-on instead of avoiding it.

Author Bio: John is the founder of the sales and marketing firm LATERALUS Solutions and is the creator of the Ride the Wave Process. LATERALUS was built from John’s experiences working within the healthcare and retail industries. He has helped to build market leaders and contributed to the success of billion-dollar brands within global organizations.

Publisher Name: Wise Ink Creative Publishing





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